Photo: a sign at Kiddlywinks Nursery, Penrith


My little boy joined Kiddlywinks the Meadows earlier this year and from our first contact we have had nothing but an outstanding experience. We moved from Leeds and Karen arranged a video tour of the nursery prior to moving so that we could decide if it was right for us. When able to visit we then were offered a look around (after hours) to ensure we were comfortable with the rooms and the staff. Chrissy allowed plenty of time for questions and talked us through daily routines, activities and so on. This personalised approach was one of our key reasons for choosing the Meadows. Our little boy was only around 11 months when he started nursery and all of the team ensured that the process was smooth for him and us as anxious parents. When I phoned to check in it was never an issue and the staff were so so lovely. The app has been great to check in and see what he has been doing each day. We have been provided with the weekly meal plans in order that we can plan our meals around nursery to make sure there is a varied diet at home too. I have also received regular calls to check on and feedback on progress and allow for any questions. I am so pleased with his progress and his learning at such a young age. The variety of activities is excellent and I feel his development is enhanced through attending the Meadows. I really believe that the team fully have the wellbeing of their children at the forefront and think this is key. Overall I have found The Meadows to be perfect for my little boy. I love that he gets out into the field, is outside most days and often sees lots of animals on his walks. He loves going into nursery and gets excited when we mention nursery at home (at 18 months). It’s a very scary thing handing your child over to others, especially so young but the team have made it as smooth and gentle as possible and we are so so happy with their approach, ethos and obvious excellence in the area of childcare.

Jenni, November 2021

Our little boy was only with you for a short period before going to school but we only wish we had brought him sooner. He has made some lovely friends and really enjoyed himself and grown in confidence through your exceptional care.

Ash and Ben, August 2019

Thank you for all you nurturing care, support and kindness that has made our little girls time with you so enjoyable. She loves nursery and we so happy with the support you have given for her to develop into the confident and independent 4 year old she is today.

Val and Barry, August 2019

The last 3 years has seen my little girl grow from a baby to a confident, happy little girl and a lot of that will be credited to all of you at Kiddlywinks. We think you are amazing.

Kelly and Rose, August 2019

We couldn’t have asked for a better nursery.

Tamara and Ross, Summer 2019

When our little boy first started, he was a tiny toddler who was obsessed with his mummy, hadn’t a clue how to share and struggled to find his words. Now he is a confident chatter box and shares everything with everyone. We couldn’t have asked for more and you lived up to all our expectations. Thankyou.

Andrew, Summer 2019

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for helping our little girl’s life experience so far to be a greater one. She has loved you all and all that you have done.

Alex and Robert, July 2019

Our son has absolutely loved his time at Kiddlywinks and really blossomed into a happy, confident boy which is largely down to your care, patience and skill. You have given him the best start!

Al and Lori, July 2019

We have been so impressed by your patience, creativity, sense of humour and general dedication to all the little people you teach and look after. We feel very lucky to have been part of the brilliant place you have created.

Caroline and Ben, July 2019

When my little boy was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes whilst at nursery, Kiddlywinks rose to the challenges that the condition demands. Everyone did amazingly and throughout our time at Kiddlywinks I have been 100% confident leaving him with you. I know he always received the best care possible. You all earned my confidence and I am forever grateful for all you have done, including your knowledge and advice.

Claire and Stephen, July 2018

Over the past 3 years you have provided our little boy with the most wonderful and happy nursery experience. Not only have you provided him with such a wonderful start to his education, you have instilled great morals and values into his upbringing. He has loved being at nursery and this is down to the love, care and attention that you have given him. Thankyou or being truly amazing.

John and Caroline, August 2017

Thank you for making our little family part of your bigger family. You are all very special and our children have flourished in you care and teaching. They are confident, happy and capable children who have benefited hugely from all the wonderful opportunities that have been available to them.

Mark and Anne-Marie, July 2017

Since coming to Kiddlywinks our very shy little girl’s confidence has grown considerably. She loves nursery and all the ladies and comes home so excited to tell us all about what she has been up to and who she has played with. Well done Kiddlywinks, you are amazing and know just how to help a shy little girl become a confident young lady ready for school.

Kirsty and Liam, July 2017

Kiddlywinks is a magical and very special nursery.

Lucy and Lewis

I knew the minute I walked through the door, this is where I wanted my children to come when I returned to work. I knew I had made the right choice and this was confirmed by my children loving attending nursery and being with their special ladies. They have both grown and developed so much and they are confident people, who show empathy and consideration for others. Your warmth and commitment is amazing and your support to us as parents has been hugely appreciated. You are all wonderful and you will remain in our hearts as an extension to our family.

Mandi and Ian

Our son has come on so much since starting at Kiddlywinks, we don’t know what we would have done without them. They gave him the support he needed to help him develop the skills he found so hard. The dedication and care has been exemplary. Our son has loved his time at Kiddlywinks and he has made the best memories that will last him a lifetime.

Laura and Matt

Nothing is too much trouble at Kiddlywinks, we cannot thank you or praise you enough for the amazing car, love and support you have given our son. We really are full of praise.

Harry’s family

My children have made wonderful friends and has had the most fantastic adventures whilst being at Kiddlywinks. The team are kind, caring, passionate, thoughtful and patient. These traits have rubbed off onto my children and we are truly proud of the people they are growing up to be.

E and J’s mummy and daddy

Our daughter has benefitted from all the cuddles, fun and learning opportunities that you have provided for her. She loves nursery and she loves the ladies to pieces like one of her own family. Kiddlywinks has been the best choice we ever made in enhancing our little girls early years experience.

Tony and Debra

As a parent I have enjoyed being part of the Kiddlywinks family. Kiddlywinks is an amazing nursery with amazing teachers. They know the unique personalities of the children and my two have always loved their experiences with you for their own reasons. Nothing is too much bother and I have always felt listened to and included. Happiness for my children is a priority and they have always been happy because they have been truly loved and that makes all the difference!


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