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    Learning and Development

    Staff are trained to build on the existing knowledge of the child and help them develop further learning through play based activities and through opportunities and positive interaction through social interaction with others.

    All children are encouraged to progress physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually and extend their ability to communicate and interact with others in a positive way. It is clear that learning occurs where ever a child is and with whatever resources are on offer, however we believe at Kiddlywinks Day Nursery that learning is more affective when children are provided with a warm, stimulating, tolerant & supportive environment. Children thrive when they feel cared for and comfortable. Kiddlywinks Day Nursery strives to offer every child such experiences

    The curriculum encompasses every experience that occurs throughout the nursery day and no area of learning and development can be delivered in isolation from another. Through working closely with parents/ carers, children are settled into  one of our individual room  groups depending on their holistic needs and their age and stage of development.

    Initial profiles completed by the Parent/Carer prior to their child’s nursery admission will help staff begin to plan and structure learning opportunities for each child as an individual through play.

    All practitioners are trained to acknowledge and respect that children are competent learners from birth and develop in their own unique  ways. Practitioners are trained to ensure that all children are given individualised learning experiences, development opportunities  and  personalised care that will enhance the child’s  development.

    The aim being to help families raise happy, confident  children who feel valued and empowered and who enjoy their childhood.

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    The Meadows, Tel: 01768 210500
    Eamont House, Tel: 01768 864000
    Email: karenjames2000@btinternet.com

  • OFSTED Registered

    Register Number: EY388855 Kiddlywinks Day Nursery is an OFSTED registered provider and admits children aged from three months to school entry age.
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    Opening hours: 8.15am – 5.45pm, however we can offer an early start or late finish between the hours of 8am and 6pm,