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    Health and Nutrition

    The habits that we form in the first few years of life can stay with us for a lifetime. This is why a healthy start is so important for babies and young children, and why your role is so important. All the small things you do as a family, like sharing a meal and playing in the park , are stepping stones towards a healthy lifestyle as your child grows older. For more help and information in how you as a family can further develop healthy lifestyles go to henry.org

    The statutory framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) says that where Early Years settings give children meals, snacks and drinks, these must be healthy, balanced and nutritious. Further information about the EYFS is available in this section of the website.

    The Department of Health’s Start4Life (from birth to the Early Years – ages 0-5) and Change4Life (from Early Years onwards – ages 5+) campaign to raise awareness about diet and physical activity. They have played a role in promoting healthy lifestyles in children’s centres. Visit the Change4Life website for more information

    At Kiddlywinks we are passionate about using meal times to support and educate children in developing healthy life styles. Our team aim to ensure that children are provided with opportunities to develop their knowledge and independence to make healthy choices in our endeavour to continue to provide children with strong foundations for good health and nutrition for the future.

    Feeding our babies and children is a very responsible role that we do not undertake lightly. As a result we want to ensure that everything we provide for children to eat and drink is of the best quality. We want children to not only enjoy familiar foods but also expand their confidence in using all their senses to taste, smell, explore and develop new favourites amongst the diverse culinary delights that we aim to offer.

    We are aware that every child’s needs are different and are dependant on the age, stage and gender of each child. At Kiddlywinks we play a vital role in ensuring that whilst children attend Kiddlywinks they are offered nutritional meals, snacks and drinks that are responsive to the recommendations outlined within the nutrient base standards for children under the age of 5 years who receive meals and snacks in early years settings. The Caroline Walker Trust has devised these guidelines. Recommendations represent average intakes and they are based on the total daily intake of nutrients required by the average child.

    Our menus aim to;

      • Enrich children’s experiences
      • Encourage children to try new foods
      • Celebrate and share diversity
      • Promote our own cultures and promote an understanding of others
      • Develop and promote parent partnership
      • Use food and social eating times to promote all areas of the early years curriculum

    From May 2015 we have established several new partnerships in our endeavour to source fresh produce from local suppliers.In addition we have recruited our own in-house chef who works closely with us to create seasonal menus with foods locally sourced and with traceable ingredients. In addition, all our fruit and vegetables come from our own local suppliers James Fruit and Vegetables and fresh meat is supplied by Cranstons, both of whom are historically renowned for their high quality, expansive choice and their ability to provide the freshest of fruit, vegetables and meat either daily or weekly.

    We constantly monitor and audit the quality nutritional value of ALL foods offered to children in nursery. We do not serve “value” brand meat or tinned foods in nursery at any time. Food is purchased fresh each week and delivered directly to the nursery.

    If for any reason you do not want hot meals for your child, you will need to provide a packed lunch for your child if they are with us over the lunchtime period.

    Please read the following advice in relation to packed lunches:

      • Make packed lunches on the morning they are needed whenever possible. If made prior to this please ensure that they are stored in a fridge up to the point of leaving for nursery
      • Use a good quality ice pack in the bottom of your child’s packed lunch box; this will help ensure that the food is kept cool.
      • All items must be wrapped in clingfilm or foil to ensure that they do not touch other foods
      • Check sell by dates
      • If foods are to be reheated and they have been made at home please give directions for heating. Label the food and state when it was prepared
      • We would discourage the inclusion of chicken/poultry and rice
      • If eggs are to be used please ensure they are hard-boiled

    Healthy packed lunches could include:

      • Sandwiches
      • Yoghurt
      • Pasta
      • Crackers
      • Vegetables/fruit
      • Raisins
      • Soup
      • Salads
      • Small tins of pasta
      • beans
      • Bread sticks/Cheese
      • Baby jars

    We are a Tooth Friendly Nursery and we have been accredited with ‘Smiles for Life’ status .We discourage sweets in lunch boxes and request that only milk or water is provided as a drink.


    The nursery provides a healthy morning and afternoon snack and information related to these can be found on the nursery notice boards.


    Children are offered milk and water at snack times and water and fruit is readily available throughout the day for children to access independently or through the support of practitioners.


    If you require your child to have breakfast with us, we are more than happy to meet your needs. Cereals/toast, milk/juice, yogurts/fruit all provide the nutrients needed to start the day. We are more than happy to provide cereal for your child at no extra charge, however if your child would like a wider option then please send in what you require for your child and speak to a member of staff when dropping your child off in the morning to ensure that your child’s needs are met.


    If you wish your child to have a light tea with us, this can be arranged. Lunch, Snack and Tea menus are all in the entrance foyer for your approval. ( Teas will be charged for separately)

    The nursery is a nut free environment and it is important that Parents and Carers ensure that no nuts (including peanut butter) are ever brought into the nursery

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    Register Number: EY388855 Kiddlywinks Day Nursery is an OFSTED registered provider and admits children aged from three months to school entry age.
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