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    Events and Trips

    Staffing ratios for outings will be in line with OFSTED staffing ratios and on some occasions we will require additional escorts. On occasions such as special events we may require parents to help escort the children on outside visits. These opportunities will be brought to your attention well in advance so that if you wish to join us during these times you will be able to make alternative arrangements if they clash with work and caring for other children etc.

    Kiddlywinks Nursery will use as many opportunities as possible to build on community links and cultural learning opportunities through the wealth of opportunity in and around the Penrith area. This will be done through visits to us by outside agencies such as music workshops, community visits by the police, nurse and library services and links with the wider cultural community around us. We hope to use the wider environment as much as possible e.g. Penrith Castle Park, Train Station, Cafes, Shops etc and all visits walks and outings will have a curriculum plan behind them to create the foundations of opportunity and learning to your child.

    Friends of Kiddlywinks

    There are times when we will participate in fundraising either for charities or local organisations or for the nursery itself. On some occasions we will require your support in this area and if you have any ideas of your own you are welcome to bring them along to our informal gatherings.

    Parents are encouraged to assist in the development of Kiddlywinks Day Nursery and we value all contributions and support that you may have to offer in helping Kiddlywinks Day Nursery become and remain a nursery that is renowned for it’s high standards and excellence in the childcare field.

    Parent/Carer Representatives

    Denise Wood, Jo Hulme and Jane Brierley have taken up the role as parent representatives and they are willing to represent and put forward other Parents/Carers views and suggestions and at times sit on the interview panel when we are looking to recruit staff. We believe that by giving parents a voice, Kiddlywinks Day Nursery will ensure that the true ethos of parent partnership is addressed.

    Parent representative contact numbers for Denise, Jo and Jane are available on request. If you would ever like to attend a staff meeting this can be arranged through the nursery manager.

    Helen Johnston is our parent representative in relation to Inclusion, Equality of Opportunity and Special Educational Needs. Helen works closely with the Nursery practitioners and setting manager in appraising the support that the children are offered, how effective the nursery is in working with multi agencies and plays an influential role in appraising the setting’s policies to ensure they meet the needs of all children. If you wish to contact Helen please speak to a member of staff to obtain contact information.

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    The Meadows, Tel: 01768 210500
    Eamont House, Tel: 01768 864000
    Email: karenjames2000@btinternet.com

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    Register Number: EY388855 Kiddlywinks Day Nursery is an OFSTED registered provider and admits children aged from three months to school entry age.
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    Opening hours: 8.15am – 5.45pm, however we can offer an early start or late finish between the hours of 8am and 6pm,